TSE National School Award - 2019

"TSE National School Award" is the biggest awards in education sector till date. This platform is meant to standardize every school of each state for their best practices which are making the India's future. We believe that the competition in any form brings out the best in people and pushes them to excel. In schools, if used effectively, it can enhance learning significantly and in favor of ultimate educational growth in India. Education and academic competitions are two most important ingredients of human life and these two have always been considered as important issues.
"TSE National School Award" is going to happen in 2019 and rank the schools according to their best practices to develop young minds of the nation, so that our future generations can survive. "TSE National School Award" is giving the recognition in 10 categories, in which schools are putting their best efforts to promote overall educational standards of India. We insist that every school should participate in this awards and get recognized throughout thier region, district, city, state and at a national level.